The 17 most prestigious internships anyone would be lucky to get

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The 17 most prestigious internships anyone would be lucky to get

If you're looking for a prestigious internship, you'll want to consider working at Google, Apple, or Facebook — at least, that is, according to the 2019 Vault Internship Rankings.

Career intelligence platform Vault asked more than 120 companies with internship programs to distribute their internship survey to past and present interns. More than 13,000 interns responded.

One of the survey questions asked interns to rate how prestigious other employers were. They received a list of top companies and asked to rate them on a scale of one to 10. A score of ten meant "It's a dream job!" while a score of one meant "No one wants to work there."

Vault then averaged the ratings and ranked companies from 1 to 50. The full ranking is available here.

We listed the top 17 internships and got their pay information from Glassdoor. (Some pay hourly, others pay monthly.)

We also found some of these internships' most enviable perks, including great mentorship programs and free housing.

See if your dream internship is on the list below:

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