'Stop white-anting': Nahan calls for Liberal unity amid citizenship row

WA Liberal leader Mike Nahan has called on some of his colleagues to stop being "white ants" and start being team players, as he prepares to confront leadership tensions this morning.

On Tuesday Dr Nahan admitted he was still a US citizen because of an unresolved tax dispute with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

It prompted many Liberal MPs to privately express their frustration and disappointment that it was the first they had heard of the issue, sparking renewed scrutiny of his leadership.

On the way in to a Liberal party meeting this morning, Dr Nahan said he was confident he had the support of most of his colleagues.

For those who have quietly expressed their lack of faith in their leader, Dr Nahan's message was clear.

"There are a few people who are struggling to be part of a team and I'm an old football player and it's very simple if you're not a team you can't win it," Dr Nahan said.

"The most important thing about oppositions is to focus on your task of keeping the government to [account] than focus on yourself," Dr Nahan said.

"There may be a few people on my team who have lost the plot on that."

'Be part of a team'

He urged those MPs to get on board with his leadership.

"We have a big task ahead of us but it's a doable task to be competitive, very competitive in 2021," Dr Nahan said.

"But that will require all my colleagues, all of them, irrespective of who they are, to be part of a team rather than sitting back and being a white ant."

Dr Nahan said he expected the issue of his leadership would be raised at the meeting, but he was confident he would walk out as the party leader.

"I can assure you if there was a vote there would be overwhelming support," he said.

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