Seven people die from drowning in Abu Dhabi this year

Authorities are also issuing campaigns and awareness initiatives on social media in a bid to stop the deadly incidents from recurring.

Seven people have drowned in the UAE capital this year, and the Abu Dhabi Police on Sunday issued a warning to the public asking them to follow safety regulations in beaches and swimming pools.

Colonel Mohammed Ibrahim Al Ameri, the Director of the Emergency and Public Safety Department in the Central Operations Sector of Abu Dhabi Police, said that the main cause of drowning is due to people breaking safety measures, swimming in unsafe areas and/or unaccompanied by adults or life guards.

The awareness of individuals and response to the guidelines was considered the first line to address drowning by Abu Dhabi Police.

Authorities are also issuing campaigns and awareness initiatives on social media in a bid to stop the deadly incidents from recurring.

Colonel Al Ameri pointed out that people who lack swimming abilities are vulnerable to drowning, particularly after reaching a long distance in a beach. The high waves and intensity of current also cause panic, which may lead to drowning.

He pointed to the importance of preventing children from swimming alone in the ponds or in the beaches and urged parents to educate their children about the dangers of swimming in open waters.

Moreover, he also urged parents to ensure safety protocols are met at their swimming pools, including fences and non-slippery grounds, as well as locks.

In July, the Abu Dhabi Police released an advisory video of a young boy in a swimming pool unsupervised, urging parents to not leave their children unsupervised in swimming pools and beaches.

Authorities warned that negligence has been a major cause in the rise of drowning incidents, the video was dubbed 'Your Children are Your Responsibility.'

"The video aims to shed light on the importance of child supervision, as well as child safety, in order to minimise the risks of drowning," a police official told Khaleej Times after the video's release.

The police said there is zero tolerance for negligence, adding that the safety of children are in the hands of their parents.

"Negligence has been a major cause in drowning incidents among children."

"Children must be monitored and supervised at all times, whether they are playing in the swimming pool, in the bathtub or in the beach," he added.

In April, a seven-year-old boy drowned at a beach in Abu Dhabi, while his eight-year-old brother suffered from moderate injuries.

In September last year, four boys between the ages of 10-12, drowned in a water pond in Al Bahia, on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi.

The rising incidents of children drowning prompted the Abu Dhabi Police to launch another awareness drive to safeguard kids.

The initiative, titled, 'Our Children,' involved police officials urging parents to follow safety protocols associated with swimming pools.

The Department of Health - Abu Dhabi, issued a report this year revealing that between 2015 and 2016 drowning was included as one of the major causes in "preventable child deaths."

Moreover, the Dubai Police reveled that 14 people died last year from drowning and 29 in 2016.

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نشكركم زوار العرب اليوم على تصفح موقعنا وفى حالة كان لديك اى استفسار بخصوص هذا الخبر Seven people die from drowning in Abu Dhabi this year برجاء ابلاغنا او ترك تعليق الأسفل المصدر : khaleejtimes

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